Foam Proportioning & Foam Refill Systems

FoamPro brand Foam Proportioning & Refill Systems are the most accurate proportioners on the market; to within 5% or less!  Unlike other proportioning technologies, FoamPro’s patented automated controls assure unmatched accuracy across the full performance range; eliminating needless waste of concentrate and dollars. FoamPro automatic systems incorporate advanced microprocessor control technology that provides extremely accurate water flow measurement and precise foam solution. This pinpoint accuracy is maintained from minimum to maximum discharge, greatly reducing concentrate usage, cost, and logistical operations to re-supply.

FoamPro direct injection systems can be tested and calibrated without consuming foam concentrate or putting the environment at risk. Using the calibrate/inject valve, the system is run with the concentrate measured and directed either back to the foam cell or to a separate holding tank.

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