3 1/2” (89 mm) Pump Panel Test Gauge Kit, Akron ATGK-3

Same as ATGK-2 with a space for an extra gauge to be mounted (Requires RG-230 remote assembly) This Test Gauge Kit is to be used in conjunction with annual apparatus pump testing or for checking the accuracy of pump panel gauges.

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Akron 2 1/2″ NH, (63mm) Cap Guage Pressure guage

Certified and calibrated gauges designed for determining the static pressure of water in fire hydrants, fire hoses, and/or fire pumps.

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Akron Brass Portable Water Flow Meter for Fire Apparatus

This technologically advanced water flow and pressure meter with stainless steel paddle wheel helps your department meet testing requirements for your equipment. With solid state electronics and no moving parts to adjust, this equipment is easy to operate.

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