Elkhart MODEL EB-500-XD Digital Flowmeter*


The Elkhart Brass Flow Test Kit includes all essential components needed to accurately determine fire flows, friction losses, and pump discharge pressures. It is necessary equipment for conducting your NFPA 1962 flow test of nozzles, hose, and appliances, as well as comprehensive hose and nozzle training.



Introducing the new EB-500-XD Portable Flowmeter! Redesigned taking into account comprehensive end user feedback, this new portable flowmeter is ideal for flow testing and training.

The EB-500-XD portable flowmeter changes the game when it comes to accurate and effective flow testing. The flow tube, paddlewheel, digital readout, and battery are all self‑contained making this unit extremely compact. The waterway features a unique internal waterway shape ensuring laminar flow for consistently accurate readings up to 500 gpm/2000 lpm. The flow pickup is a paddlewheel design which is located further into the middle of the waterway increasing reliability of the flow readings. The field programmable unit contains an internal rechargeable battery and with visible status lights letting you know when the unit is low on power and when it is fully charged. The unit also features a totalizer function letting you know the total amount of water flowed. With the attached carrying handle and coming in at only 8.4 lbs, the EB-500-XD truly maximizes portability.


• Single self-contained unit as opposed to multi-component designs
• Unique internal waterway shape ensures laminar flow and accurate readings up to 500 gpm/2000 lpm
• Large numerical digital readout
• Flow is read through a paddlewheel located deeper into the middle of the waterway for reliable readings
• Contains internal rechargeable battery with status lights with battery life up to 8 hours
• Totalizer function letting you know the total amount of water flowed
• Simple field calibration procedure when required
• Hard case for storage

Part Number: 0052XD01

• 1 EB-500-XD Portable Flowmeter
• 1 Carrying Case


Part Number: 0052XD21

• 1 EB-500-XD Portable Flowmeter
• 1 Digital Handheld Pitot Gauge
• 3 Model 228A 1.5″ Line Gauges
• 3 Model 228A 2.5″ Line Gauges
• 1 Carrying Case


Additional information

Weight 35.00 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 28 × 26 in