FRC Scene Lights

Fire Research Corporation manufactures FRC Scene lights, high intensity scene lighting in several different styles of lampheads and fixtures. Each is available with multiple mounting options for on vehicle or portable use.

FOCUS low profile lampheads are designed to focus 100% of the light directly onto the scene.

The FOCUS has a patented curved reflector with over 50 parabolic surfaces to redirect all of the light produced and focus it evenly into the action area. This allows the lamphead to put all of the light onto the scene, providing more light close to the vehicle as well as being brighter at a distance.

FOCUS lampheads are available with all FRC mounting configurations; telescopic poles, tripods, non-telescopic mounts, recessed mounts, and brow mounts.

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  • Spectra Tripod Scenelight with New Honda 3200 Generator

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  • Sale! FCA850 S50 Brow Mount

    “OLD STOCK” NEW Focus Brow Mount FCA850-S50 500 watt 120V

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  • Focus Brow Mount FCA800, 830, 850

    Focus Brow Mount FCA800, 830, 850

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  • magnafire bulb socket kit

    FRC Bulb Clips, Sockets for Quarts Halogen bulbs Repair

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  • FRC to Havis / Magnifire QuickRaze pole adaptor TKN

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  • FRC Tripod Mounting brackets, FC603

    FRC Tripod Mounting brackets, FC603

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  • SoBrite LED, Compact, SRA100

    SoBrite LED, Compact, SRA100*

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  • SPECTRA HR LED Lamphead “High Rise” SPA100-***

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  • Spectra LED Tripod with Duracell 660 Gasless Generator “Battery Invertor” 3 hr run time

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  • Vantage Point, Remote Ultra-bright LED Light. LED400

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  • Focus Light Head FCA100, 120 volt AC

    Focus Light Head FCA100, 120- 240 volt AC*

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  • FOCUS Fixed Side and Top Mounts FCA570-580

    FOCUS Fixed Side and Top Mounts FCA570-580

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  • Focus Recessed Mount FCA200 /210

    Focus Recessed Mount FCA200 /210

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  • Focus Under Aerial Mount FCA300

    Focus Under Aerial Mount FCA300*

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  • Focus Portable Light

    Focus Portable Scene Light Model FCAKR700*

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  • Tripod Scene Light FCA600-S**

    Tripod Scene Light FCA600-S**

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