Spectra LED Tripod with Duracell 660 Gasless Generator “Battery Invertor” 3 hr run time



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This Kit includes 1 (one) Duracell 660 Battery Portable power source “Not a generator”. 1 (one) Spectra LED 20,000 lumen tripod scene light. This Spectra light will operate approximately 3 hours on one charge. If you are needing a lighting source for crime scenes that you can’t introduce other fuels of chemicals this is it. Please open the Spec sheets “ABOVE” to see the parameters of the products. please call us if you have any questions.

The SPA600 Tripod with a Spectra lamphead will measure 71″ with the legs retracted. (This is the stowed configuration.) While only using between 200 and 250 watts of energy the Spectra LED Lighthead will operate about 3 hours on the Duracell 660

SPECTRA LED lampheads output an impressive range of super bright white light in a variety of models to suit your needs. Choose from 14,000 lumens in the compact Spectra-MS, to 15,000 lumens in the Surface Mount, to 20,000 lumens, and up to 28,000 lumens in both the Spectra-MAX and Spectra-MAX-S. This is the brightest LED scene light available.

All FRC Telescopic Poles:

  • Are made of anodized aluminum.
  • Have extension poles that rotate a full 360°.
  • Have a four foot retractile cord extending from the bottom.
  • Have the exclusive safety twist lock to secure the extension pole in position.

Tripod 600


  • Air Cushioned Brake – This innovation allows the pole to lower slowly, when released, on a cushion of air. This helps to prevent pinched fingers and damage to the bulb.
  • Ease of Set-Up – FRC tripods are designed to deploy all three legs at the same time, allowing it to be set up quickly and easily at an incident.
  • Lightweight – The standard tripod weighs just 16 pounds!
  • Extends up to 12 Feet! – Fire Research tripods are designed to permit “overextension” of its legs so the tripod’s lamphead can reach this incredible height.
  • Cammed Knobs – The pole and lamphead tightening knob will not unscrew or come off due to vibration.
  • Anti-Chatter Legs – Rubber caps at the bottom of the legs ensure a quiet ride.
  • Small Footprint – When closed the unit sets into an incredibly small lower bracket allowing ease of mounting just about anywhere!
  • Truck Mountable – All tripods are truck mountable, allowing them to be used as telescoping lights on the vehicle and off!

A NEMA L5-15 three prong twist lock plug is included as standard equipment.

The optional Tripod mounting bracket set includes a foot pad that the bottom of the tripod fits into and a quick release spring loaded dead bolt that holds the tripod securely.

This Duracell® PowerSource 660 is a powerful, high capacity battery pack that is designed to power your favorite devices anytime, anywhere. It’s ideal as an emergency power supply, but also extremely useful for outdoor activities like camping and tailgating. The PowerSource provides 660 Watt Hours of clean, reliable battery power without the smoke, gas and noise associated with traditional gas powered generators. The PowerSource 660 will pass power directly from the wall outlet to any connected devices as long as there is electricity available, but in emergency cases it will immediately switch to its own internal battery power if the wall power is cut, ensuring that the connected devices never skip a beat. The auto switch allows you to keep critical devices powered up until electrical power is restored. In remote locations this device helps you keep your devices charged.

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