Kit No.8 Two FRC 750 watt Tripods and a Honda 2200i


This Kit contains Two FRC Focus 750 watt tripods and a Honda 2200 watt generator


This Kit contains Two FRC Focus 750 watt tripods and a Honda 2200i watt generator

Focus Lampheads

Focus LampheadFOCUS low profile lampheads are designed to focus 100% of the light directly onto the scene.

Focus ReflectorThe FOCUS has a patented curved reflector with over 50 parabolic surfaces to redirect all of the light produced and focus it evenly into the action area. This allows the lamphead to put all of the light onto the scene, providing more light close to the vehicle as well as being brighter at a distance.

FOCUS lampheads are available with all FRC mounting configurations; telescopic poles, tripods, non-telescopic mounts, recessed mounts, and brow mounts.

Tripod The FCA600 Tripod with a focus lamphead will measure 69″ with the legs retracted. (This is the stowed configuration.) The -ON on/off switch option or -TW top wire option will each add 1″ to this dimension.

A NEMA L5-15 three prong twist lock plug and the -G wire guard are included as standard equipment on all FRC Tripods.

The optional Tripod mounting bracket set includes a foot pad that the bottom of the tripod fits into and a quick release spring loaded dead bolt that holds the tripod securely.


  • Versatile Low Profile
  • Unique Reflector Surface to Redirect and Focus the Light
  • 12/24 VDC and 120/240 VAC Models

Additional information

Weight 80 lbs