For over 30 years, Tele-Lite is a manufacturer & distributor primarily to the emergency services. Tele-Lite evolved out of Corbett-Steeves Pattern Works (Est. 1914) and an interest in the fire and emergency services. In 1971 John Steeves, a fireman and the President of Tele-Lite, saw the need for better lighting at the scene and originated the first quartz halogen telescoping light. Out of his foresight an industry developed.

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  • portable generator scene light

    Tele-Lite Portable Generator Lighting with LED lighthead 15,000 L, TEU-2.LEDTL6

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  • Tele-Lite Portable Scene Light 500 watt, TEA-1000DA

    Tele-Lite Portable Scene Light 500 watt, TEU-1000DB

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