Portable Flow Testers

The INSIGHT Portable FlowTester is an instrument that will measure flow rate directly without using charts or doing calculations. The tester is designed around the FRC INSIGHT digital flowmeter and a paddlewheel type flow sensor mounted in a flow tube.

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  • Foampro Flow sensor

    FoamPro Paddlewheel Flow Sensor 2660-0056*

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  • Akron 2 1/2″ NH, (63mm) Cap Guage Pressure gauge, HCGK

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  • Akron Apparatus flow test kits 2 1/2” High Flow Test Kit with Case AFTK-LK

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  • INSIGHT Portable Flow & Pressure Tester FTA-500

    INSIGHT Portable Flow & Pressure Tester FTA-500*

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  • INSIGHT Portable Flow Tester FTA-400

    INSIGHT Portable Flow Tester FTA-400*

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  • Replacement Flow Sensor

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  • Replacement pressure and Flow sensors*

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  • Replacement pressure sensors, Intake and Discharge 0-600 psi*

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