TurboFoam System TFC316


The TFC300 models are for use with a single foam tank and include a valve to provide electronic flush control. A flush button with LED indicator is added to operate the flush valve

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TURBOFOAM w/Single Tank Electric Flush Control

The TurboFoam TFC300 is an automatic regulating direct injection foam proportioning system. It is for use with Class A or Class B foam concenterates. The system features an electric pump that injects foam concentrate directly into the discharge water stream. The TurboFoam TFC300 is for use with a single foam tank and includes the electric valve to provide electronic flush control. A flush button with LED indicator is added to operate the valve.

Basic System

The basic system includes a control module, foam concentrate pump, electric flush valve, a flow sensor, and miscellaneous plumbing components. Refer to the TurboFoam Componentspage for more information. 



  • Discharge Water Flow Display and a Foam Percent Display
  • Menu Button to Access System Information and Data
  • Two Line Alphanumeric Message Display
  • Electric Flush Valve
  • Programmable Control Module with USB Port Interface
  • Electric Triplex Plunger Type Foam Concentrate Pump
  • Check Valve Injector, Miscellaneous Check Valves and Strainers
  • Discharge Paddlewheel Flow Sensor with Multiple Mounting Options
  • Preset Button, Percent Increase/Decrease Buttons, and Digital Displays
  • Automatic Proportioning Regardless of Discharge Water Flow Fluctuations
  • Flow Totaling for Both Foam Concentrate and Discharge Water
  • Remote On/Off Switch Option
  • Tank Empty Warning
  • Manual Mode


TFCoption-AB1          Manual ABF Selector, TFC200

TFCoption-AL1          Flow sensor mount, alum boss, option

TFCoption-AL2           Flow sensor mount, alum boss flow cond.

TFCoption-EF0           Electric Flush Valve/Panel Button, TFC100/200

TFCoption-FL1           Check Valve, 1″, TFC100/200

TFCoption-FM1-1.5    Discharge Check Valve Assembly, 1.5″ disch

TFCoption-FM1-2.0    Discharge Check Valve Assembly, 2.0″ disch

TFCoption-FM1-2.5    Discharge Check Valve Assembly, 2.5″ disch

TFCoption-FM1-3.0    Discharge Check Valve Assembly, 3.0″ disch

TFCoption-FM1-4.0    Discharge Check Valve Assembly, 4.0″ disch

TFCoption-FM2-1.5    Discharge Check Valve Assembly w/ Flow Mnt, 1.5″ disch

TFCoption-FM2-2.0    Discharge Check Valve Assembly w/ Flow Mnt, 2.0″ disch

TFCoption-FM2-2.5    Discharge Check Valve Assembly w/ Flow Mnt, 2.5″ disch

TFCoption-FM2-3.0    Discharge Check Valve Assembly w/ Flow Mnt, 3.0″ disch

TFCoption-FM2-4.0    Discharge Check Valve Assembly w/ Flow Mnt, 4.0″ disch

TFCoption-FS2            Tank Float Switch, Side Mnt

TFCoption-FW0          Check Valve & Strainer, Flush Line, 1/2″, TFC100/200

TFCoption-NW1         Flow sensor mount, no-weld

TFCoption-NW2         Flow sensor mount, no-weld kit, flow cond.

TFCoption-PT1           Flow sensor mount, pipe tee

TFCoption-PT2           Flow sensor mount, pipe tee, flow cond.

TFCoption-RS0          TURBOFOAM, Remote ON/OFF switch

TFCoption-SC1          Flow sensor mount, saddle clamp, standard

TFCoption-SC2          Flow sensor mount, saddle clamp, flow cond.

TFCoption-SS1           Flow sensor mount, SS boss

TFCoption-SS2           Flow sensor mount, SS boss, flow cond.

TFCoption-ST1          Flow sensor mount, steel boss

TFCoption-ST2          Flow sensor mount, steel boss, flow cond.

Options listed may not be available for all models.

Additional information

Weight 75 lbs


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