Spectra MS Lamphead 14,000 Lumen


Spectra MS LED   lampheads are slim, compact, and provide an efficient 14,000 lumens of bright LED light. Great for replacing your old Halogen Light heads.



Spec Sheet MS

SPECTRA-MS LED lampheads provide 14,000 lumens of bright light in a more compact and slimmer profile lamphead than our other SPECTRA lampheads. This model features a smart combination of powerful Spot/Flood LEDs to illuminate the scene efficiently – both close up with the flood bulbs and in the distance with the spot bulbs. Available in 12/24 VDC or 120/240 VAC, and in a choice of Pole, Brow, Fixed or Surface mounts.

Replacement Light head: Use this MS Spectra to replace most any halogen, HID or other older light heads that are warn out, broken or just to expensive to repair. Light head come complete with wiring to connect to your existing wiring and a 3/4 pipe thread mount ready to screw into your existing pole mount.


  • The lamphead features 36 ultra-bright white LEDS – 30 for flood and 6 for spot beam light patterns
  • Uniquely designed lens simultaneously provides ultra-bright flood beam for illuminating the work area and spot beam to focus the light into the distance
  • Adjustable, pivoting mounting arm with a round, sturdy, reinforced knurled locking knob
  • Compact design – measures 8 ¾” W x 3 ¼” D x 6 ½” H
  • Choose from the standard white bezel or the optional chrome or black bezels
  • Sure-Grip molded handle ensures reliable grip every time and keeps handle cool to the touch
  • Save money! LEDs are more efficient and use less power than traditional bulbs

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs