The Seat Monitor and Data Acquisition System has been designed to exceed NFPA 1901 Standard for Automotive Fire Apparatus 2009 Edition requirements for a Vehicle Data Recorder (paragraph 4.11) and a Seat Belt Warning System (paragraph





The Fire Research Seat Monitor and Data Acquisition System meets and exceeds the requirements laid out in NFPA 1901 (2009) paragraph 4.11 requirements for a Vehicle Data Recorder and paragraph requirements for a Seat Belt Warning system.  The display module has seat belt icons to display the current state of all programmed seats in the vehicle, a silence button for the audible alarm, a message display, push buttons for navigating through programs, vehicle system warning indicators, and the lateral G indicator.

The SBA100 series includes a separate Lateral G sensor module which provides the input to the Lateral G indicator on the display.  The five programmable, color-coded LED indicators display the side-to-side force on the vehicle. The Lateral G indicator provides a visual cue to the driver and officers of the side forces on the vehicle as it is cornering or being operated on a slope.

The separate Vehicle Data Recorder (VDR) houses the on-board computer and software, the hardware for all system interconnections, and the wireless interface. It is capable of processing input data from the vehicle J1939 CAN Bus, the data link, or separate hard-wired inputs. The VDR communicates via the proprietary FRC data link with the  system modules.

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The new page will describe the various components of the of the Seat Monitor system and how they are used to help keep your department fully NFPA compliant.


  • Meets NFPA 1901 4.11 requirements
    • 48 Hours of Stored Second-by-Second Data
    • 100 Hours of Stored Minute-by-Minute Data
    • All Data is Date and Time Stamped
  • All Stored and Collected Data is Password Protected
  • Wireless Interface for Uploading Data from VDR
  • HAWK Data Management Software Package
  • J1939 CAN Bus Interface
  • Discrete Inputs (When Data is not Available on J1939 CAN Bus)
  • Data Collector Remotely Uploads and Stores Data from up to 12 VDRs
  • Exceeds NFPA 1901 requirements
    • Monitors up to 13 Seating Positions
    • Provides a Visual Display Showing the Condition at Each Position
    • Validates Sit and Buckle Sequence
    • Audio and Visual Alarm Outputs
  • Highly Visible LED Display
  • Programmable Seat Configuration
  • Lateral G Indicator

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Weight 35 lbs