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Safe-Hit Flexible Guide Post System


The Type 5 Marker Post is most commonly used as a traffic delineator.  The surface mount base can be epoxied to the pavement permanently, and the post can be run over and replaced when necessary.

36” High x 2.25” Diameter with (2) 3” reflective stripes, surface mount, pin lock base

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Safe-Hit manufactures a complete line of Flexible Guide Posts and Channelizers which provide delineation and enhance motorist safety on public and private roadways. These Guide Posts and Channelizers are flexible, replaceable, recyclable, and guaranteed to withstand up to 20 vehicular impacts; 10 at 55 m.p.h. and 10 at 35 m.p.h. Safe-Hit products are designed to meet or exceed state specifications.

The Safe-Hit Guide Post is recommended for flexible roadside delineation, on/off ramps, curves, culverts, high impact areas, obstructions and mile markers. Various colors, heights, reflective configurations and styles are available to meet state specifications and all applications. Twist lock feature allows for replacement of channelizer in less than 10 seconds, minimizing exposure of maintenance and construction personnel to traffic.

Surface mount post types

Type 1: Hazard Marker, Round post, flattened at top with black oval cap. Three 3” x 3” reflective patches and surface mount pin lock base.

Type 2: Guide Post, Round post, flattened at top with black oval cap. Three 3” x 3” reflective patches and surface mount pin lock base.

Type 3: Channelizer, Round post, with recessed cap. One 6” reflective wrap and surface mount pin lock base

Type 4: Marker Post, Round post, with recessed cap. Two 3” reflective wraps and surface mount pin lock base

Surface mount base options

1. SMA: Surface mount pin lock base

2. SLT: Sub-Level twist lock base

3. SST: Sub-Surface twist lock base

4. SMT: Surface mount twist lock base

5. PSB: Portable Base

Marker posts standard color is Orange, If another color is required please specify,

A pre-measured 10 oz. Epoxy kit is available
(5oz. Part A and 5oz. Part B) including a
convenient mixing bowl and stir stick.

One kit installs one base.



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