Portable Generator Scene Light ATSL1T-S75


Traffic Safety System’s All Terrain Scene Light (ATSL) uses a Honda 1000i digital generator for long run times and durability.

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This unit comes standard with a Tall extension pole, a Focus 750-watt 120 volt scene light and a shoulder strap for easy carrying on rough terrain. These units are made “firemen-tough” so rough treatment is expected. All ATSL’s legs fold up for storage in small compartments. The three-leged design allows the ATSL to stand level on slopes, rocky ground, creeks, mud, the interstate or any terrain with fast-moving traffic. Its all-steel frame construction will allow for years of dependable operation. All items have a 2-year warranty. Optional Spectra LED 20,000 lamphead and the Double LED lamphead are available for this unit.

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Weight 65 lbs


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