Portable Generator Scene Light LED ATSL2T-K20


Traffic Safety System’s All Terrain Scene Light (ATSL) uses a Honda 2000i digital generator for long run times and durability. A Spectra LED 20,000 Lumen Lamphead on top of an extension pole.

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 ATSL LED portable generator scene light with Spectra LED. All Terrain Scene Lighting.The Kit includes our Honda EU2000i Generator mounted to our exclusive GenStand, Spectra LED 20,000 Lumen. Tall extension pole  extends up to 11 ft when assembled. This portable light is perfect for emergency scenes with adverse weather conditions. It will stand approximately 12 deep in moving water and operate with no problem.

This ATSL will fold down to a compartment fitting 30″ by 12″ size. It will set up I’m seconds and run for approximately 6 hours. The Spectra LED Lighthead only uses 250 watts of the 2000 the Honda generator supplies so you have 1750 watts for tools.

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Weight 65 lbs


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