“OLD STOCK” New Kwik-Strike 4000 series, KR-4250H-D-R-SMC (1 available)

$276.00 $199.00

KWIK-STIRIKE body mount light fixture uses a 250 watt 120 volt halogen bulb. This one has Down Right  beam patterns, with Chrome face. never mounted.




One available KR-4250H-D-R-SMC  250 watt 120 volt down right with chrome face

The KWIK-STIRIKE body mount light fixture uses a 12 volt HID or one of three different size 120 volt halogen bulbs. It is available with two different beam patterns: Downward Angle Flood or Horizontal Flood.
Downward/Horizontal Pattern


  • 120 VAC Halogen Bulbs are Available
  • Flush Mount Fixture (1.875″ Deep) Recesses Cleanly in a Standard 2″ Truck Wall
  • Surface Mount Casting Extends 2 1/4″ from the Vehicle Surface
  • Fixture is Available for Vehicle Left and Right Side Mounts
  • Easy Front Access to Ballast and Bulb
  • Chrome Finish is Standard a White Finish is Optional


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Weight 11 lbs