Manua lFoam System MFA200


The Manual Foam system is an around-the-pump proportioner that is operator controlled. It is proven reliable for high flow operations (50 to 1000 GPM) for both Class A and Class B foam.




MANUAL FOAM Manually Controlled Proportioning

Fire Research offers this wide range foam system (50 gpm through 1000 gpm) as separate Class A and Class B systems or both combined into one.


Specially engineered highly efficient eductors and laser cut metering valve orifices are the key to these systems’ high performance. Many manual systems on the market today just can’t deliver foam at these rates!

Many departments may not be able to justify the cost of a complicated electronic foamm system. A simple and cost effective way to provide your fire fighting vehicles with Class A and/or Class B foam is with an around-the-pump, manual foam system like this.

The panel mounted metering valves are calibrated on a scale of zero (0) through ten (10). To operate, simply determine the approximate total water flow and adjust the valve position to the appropriate setting. You can easily determine the required setting from the table printed clearly on the face of the unit.

  • Class A Foam System metering valve provides foam proportioning of ¼, ½, 1%.
  • Class B Foam System metering valve provides foam proportioning of 3 and 6%.
  • Class A/B Foam System includes both metering valves that share a common eductor.

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Weight 35 lbs