Magnafire Replacement Bulbs


Magnafire/Havis lighthead replacement bulbs



Bulbs for all the Magnafire/ Havis light heads please make sure you have the correct voltage for your bulb when ordering. If you are not sure please give us a call

PART NO.                    DESCRIPTION

KRM89073                 Bulb,500W120V, quartz, Magnafire
KRM89073-1              Bulb, 500W220V, quartz, Magnafire
KRM89073-2              Bulb, 1000W240V, quartz, Magnafire
KRM89073-3              Bulb, 1500W240V, quartz, Magnafire
KRM89073-5              Bulb, 750W240V, quartz, Magnafire
KRM89073-7              Bulb, 750W120V,quartz, Magnafire

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs