Elkhart, Foam Expansion (Aeration)Tubes 251-6, 252-8, 253-9




catalog-f9-06-10 Foam Expansion Tubes

Lightweight composite foam tubes are corrosion-resistant and easy to handle with bases that snap securely onto the nozzle in seconds. The foam tubes are specifically designed to require no alteration of the nozzle itself for use. The base of the tube includes large air intakes; expansion rates are easily varied with nozzle pattern.

Model          Description (Compatible Nozzle Model)                                                  Material             Part #
251-6″           R.A.N.,HF-350/350A/500/500A, IMS-350/500, 6000                       Composite      03996011
251-6″ CJ     CJ nozzle only                                                                                                  Composite      03996021
252-8″         SM-1000/E/H,SM-1250/E/B/BE/H/HB                                                  Metal              03996101
253-9″          SM-2000/E/B/BE/H/HB, SM-1000-HF/E-HF, SM-2000-HF/E-HF Metal             03996201

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Foam Tubes

251.6 CJ Composit, 251.6 Composit, 252-8 Metal, 253-9 Metal