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Replacement bulbs are available from FRC for all Focus, Optimum, and NightMaster lampheads.  The information sheets include safety warnings, mounting, wiring, cleaning, and bulb replacement procedures.




Bulb Types

Quartz Halogen The quartz halogen bulb is a type of incandescent bulb that has been refined to produce more light per unit of energy. The filament tube has a small amount of halogen gas in it that prevents the darkening of the bulb and evaporation of the filament. This increases the bulb life, while producing crisp white light.

Halogen Infrared (HIR) HIR bulbs provide all the benefits of standard halogen bulbs and operate more efficiently. An IR (infrared) coating is applied to the filament tube. This multiple layer coating redirects IR (heat) back on to the filament to produce more light for the same amount of energy. The amount of heat generated is reduced and the light is whiter than a standard halogen bulb.

High Intensity Discharge (HID) Unlike the halogen incandescent bulbs, the HID bulb does not contain a filament. Instead, it creates light from an electrical discharge between two electrodes. This technology provides a brighter and crisper white light that is superior to halogen sources because it most resembles natural daylight and is very efficient.

Note: When handling a new bulb avoid touching it except on the flat seal at either end.


Bulbs COLLINS Lampheads
CD-H1100W Bulb, 100W12V, H-1, FX
CD-H155W12 Bulb, 55W12V, H-1, FX
CD-H170W24 Bulb, 70W24V, H-1, FX
CD-H2100W Bulb, 100W12V, H-2, FX
CD-H255W12 Bulb, 55W12V, H-2, FX
CD-H270W24 Bulb, 70W24V, H-2, FX
CD-H3100W Bulb, 100W12V, H-3, FX
CD-H355W12 Bulb, 55W12V, H-3, FX

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