From time to time we offer used and repaired products or New but old stock products for sale. These products have been refurbished and tested to make sure that they are of the quality that we will stand behind. We will also get trade-ins which are used but checked and tested before they are submitted for sale. Each product has a one year warranty.

“Old Stock” Focus Brow Flat Mount FCA850-S50, 120v 500w

“Old Stock” Has 1 year warranty and tested to be in new operation condition. DOM 2007
120 volt 500 watt Brow mount flat
The Brow Flat Mounts have been designed to allow Focus scene lighting fixtures to mount on any flat surface (such as the cab roof). Focus fixtures offer a low profile to reduce the chance of interference with light from emergency light bars.

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“Old Stock” Focus Light Head FCA100-D15 150 watt 12 volt

New lighthead never mounted that is a few years old and out of regular warrenty. 2 Available. We give these lights 1 year warrenty. New condition

FOCUS lampheads can be ordered without a mount. An adjustable mounting arm allows the lamphead to pivot up and down. The arm has 3/4″ NPT threads for installing the lamphead onto a lighting fixture. The three wires for power extend out the bottom of the mounting arm.

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Focus Recessed Mount FCA200-D15 “Old Stock” New

This is an Focus Recessed 12v 150 watt scene light. New Condition old stock DOM 2008. this light has a 1 year guarantee. Free bulbs for 2 years. 2 available
The Focus Recessed light can be mounted into the exterior vehicle wall for applications where side mounted poles or fixed mounts are not practical.

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