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FRC is a manufacturer of state-of-the-art equipment specifically designed for the fire, rescue, and emergency services. Information on scene lighting, apparatus controls, instruments, displays, and accessories can be found using the links above.  Please call us (828) 275 6954 to get the right parts for your specific vehicle. Most FRC computers have different options and are configured for different vehicle.

Fire Research Corp. (FRC) has been manufacturing products specifically designed for the Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Service Industry for over three decades. Safety equipment, controls, instrumentation and displays, scene lights, and station accessories are shipped to truck builders, dealers, and fire departments throughout the world. Whether it is used at the scene during operations, for training, or in the station house, each product is specifically designed to promote a safer working environment.

Firefighters and rescue personnel have come to count on the FRC brand for dependability and to provide them with the latest state-of-the-art equipment available. Veteran firefighters will remember the impact the MANSAVER safety bars and SKULLSAVER ladder end cover have made on the industry. This equipment is now standard on modern fire apparatus.

In the early 70's FRC introduced the pump pressure governor, this cutting edge device had a major impact on pump operations. The development of the pressure governor continued through the 90's with innovations that include soft overlays for push-button operation, software programming and microprocessor control, and high speed datalink connections to interface with SAE J1587 and J1939 protocols. To start the 21st century FRC has incorporated solid state optical technology into the INFINITY throttle and the PUMPBOSS pressure governor to increase both performance and reliability.

FRC was the first in the industry to utilize the paddlewheel type flow sensor. This flow sensor technology is now the standard used in fire pump plumbing for flowmeters. The FRC INSIGHT flowmeter can be found on apparatus of the largest fire departments in the world. Rolled out in 2001 the TANKVISION is another FRC innovation that is setting the bar for water and foam tank indicators. This display that has ultra-bright LEDs with a wide view lens and can be calibrated for tanks of all sizes and shapes.

As a world leader in the production of high-intensity scene lighting FRC has made multiple innovations. The safety twist lock for telescopic poles, the low profile FOCUS lamphead that has a unique reflector with parabolic curved surfaces to focus the light, the OPTIMUM lamphead is a super-efficient design that includes high intensity discharge bulb options, and the contoured brow mount that fits on a cab roof edge just to name a few.

Fire Research Corp. has grown into one of the largest and most trusted names in the Fire Service Industry. Dedicated to innovation and excellence, pride goes into every part assembled. A highly trained and knowledgeable professional staff make sure that strict standards are met for every product. Only then does the FRC name go onto it, because only then will it meet your total satisfaction.

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