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TSS Portable Scene lights


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TSS portable generator scene lights (ATSL) come standard with a Honda generators and Fire Research Halogen or LED lighting. Each portable light tower is made to be deployed and operate for days or longer without an operator. Run times vary from lighting options but 6 to 9 hours is expected. Our Lights are designed to be moved, carried and setup up by one person in a short amount of time. Please go to "Portable Generator Lights" on the menu to see the different models.

Lighting units start from our smallest the ATSL1S-S75: Honda 1000 watt generator with a short extension pole and a 750 watt FRC halogen lamphead to our largest unit being an ATSL2T-2x4-K20-Q: Honda 2000 watt generator with two Tall extension poles and four Spectra LED 20,000 Lumen lampheads for a total lumen output of 80,000 lumens of light. 


TSS Hitch Mounted LED Scene Lights (HM1T-V15). Our Hitch Mounted Scene Lights mount to the vehicles receiver hitch just like a ball hitch. You can order a 1 ¼” or a 2” hitch mount for your vehicle. The power source is the trailer light connector. You can order the 4 pin flat or the 7 pin round connector. There are two extension pole sizes available but you may order a custom length to fit your vehicles storage needs. Medium Pole (36” closed 7.5 ft when on the vehicle and extended) Tall Pole (58” closed 11.5 ft when on the vehicle and extended). The Lampheads will move 360 degrees and adjust up and down.

Options: Pelican Case for hitch insert and Lamphead

              Halogen or LED Lamp Head

             120 volt LED Lampheads can be used with your DC to AC power inverter.

All TSS scene lights are weather resistent, power coated and anodized for long life. All TSS products come with a 2 year warrenty. 
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